Juan De la Rosa | TTP Animation Reel

Technical Training Professionals (TTP)

Some of the work I have done over the past 4 years at www.tectrapro.com

I was responsible for creating models and animations for educational and training purposes. Projects were first started in pre-production creating storyboards in Adobe Photoshop, reviewing with Subject Matter Experts and the animation team to ensure models were accurate. Continued in production where I used 3DS Max to create the animation, along with any special effects created for the project and sent for approval. Finally after approval I compiled render passes in Adobe After Effects, created 2D Motion Graphics and added post processing effects on any Special Effects used; to be rendered out and uploaded to our Learning Management System.

Our content included Maintenance and Start up procedures for Gas & Coal Fired Power Plants. Our Clients included KOCH Industries, Calpine, Dominion Power, Arizona Public Service, Duke Power, Entergy, Pacific Gas & Electric.